Have you ever tried essential oils and thought… These things don’t work! I don’t understand the hype! ?

Or maybe someone in your family has said these things?

Well, I’ve got good news. I’m going to uncover the 4 things you may be doing wrong. Because I know, deep in my core, that when you use pure, potent essential oils properly, you WILL experience the benefits you desire.

Learn the 4 mistakes and how to correct them:


Here’s what you need to remember:

  1. What essential oils are you using? Did you know you can slap the word ‘pure’ on any bottle of essential oil? It’s unfortunate but true! You need to do your research or buy from someone you trust. The oils you can pick up at big box stores contain mostly synthetic fragrance, or if they’re made from plants, the plants had pesticides sprayed on them. Companies are jumping on the essential oil train right and left because of the popularity, but even if they have the best of intentions, the oils they are sourcing are likely adulterated somewhere in the supply chain and are never tested with the specialized expertise needed to make sure that isn’t the case. You WILL NOT get the same results from any random brand of essential oil that you will from doTERRA, whose mission it is to supply the world with THE purest, most potent essential oils. 
  2. What method did you use with your essential oils? Maybe you tried topical application, but for the benefit you were looking for, aromatic use or internal use might have worked better for you. This takes experimentation. Be open to testing and trying. Ask for suggestions. That’s what I provide for my clients!
  3. Did you give the essential oil enough of a chance? While some oils will give you an immediate benefit… I think of inhaling Breathe Respiratory Blend or applying Deep Blue Soothing Blend topically… you’re going to get that benefit right away. It’s quick! However, other issues might take a few consistent uses to really realize the benefit. I think of how I used Basil and Clary Calm to support my hormones. That took a good month or two of consistent daily use. But it worked!
  4. Did you only try one essential oil, or did you experiment with a couple to find your perfect solution? I think of using essential oils for sleep support, for example. The essential oil that works best for your mom or your friend may not be your magical oil. You might need Lavender along with Cedarwood, or maybe you need the Serenity Restful Blend that combines Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver and other oils. Be open to experimentation, and ask me for suggestions! I work with a lot of clients, and I know the most popular combinations. This is the service I provide my clients!

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, DO NOT give up on essential oils. They are popular for a reason… because they work! Click Here to learn more about getting started on your doTERRA lifestyle.