angie smelling essential oils
The other day my husband was sitting at the airport and he heard two women talking about essential oils. One of them said, “I keep hearing about essential oils but have no idea what they are or how to use them.” The other woman said, “Neither do I.”

That got me thinking… not everyone is having a love affair with essential oils like I am… but I truly believe you should be.


I started using essential oils almost 3 years ago when I was introduced to them from a friend of mine. I was skeptical, to tell you the truth. I had definitely heard of essential oils, but I thought they were basically air fresheners. I had no idea how therapeutic and powerful they were. I was blown away after the first class I went to and I bought a kit and started using them with my family.

At that point, I was pretty on board, but my husband still really didn’t get it. But after using the oils with my three kids for about a month with amazing results (and my husband had his own great experiences with a couple of the oils), we were all in and I decided to start sharing my experiences so other moms could realize the benefits of doTERRA essential oils with their families.

My passion for essential oils has continued to grow. That’s how I got here, telling you how powerful these little bottles are! I am a firm believer that every mom needs these high-quality oils in her home, starting with these five, especially in the cold-weather season.

If you buy a kit like I did, but you let the oils sit on the shelf, you won’t experience the huge health benefits that we, and literally millions of others, have! So let me tell you how to use doTERRA essential oils.


3 Ways to use doTERRA Essential Oils: Aromatically, Topically, and Internally.
1. Aromatically refers to breathing in the oil which can be done by using a diffuser in your home, simply placing the oils in your hands and breathing in, or you can simply breathe out of the bottle. Using essential oils aromatically is an extremely powerful and effective way to affect every cell in your body very quickly. Aromatic use of essential oils is particularly effective to influence emotions and moods.

One of my favorite oils to use aromatically is a blend called Breathe. Find out more about this oil and how we use it in my family in my Top 5 Oils Cheat Sheet.

2. Topically refers to putting the oils on your skin. You can put the oils where ever it makes sense. With head tension, rub oils on your temples or back of your neck. To ease indigestion, rub the oil on your stomach. But just one drop of essential oil can affect every cell in your body, so you can apply oils to feet, ears, chest and back of neck as well as troubled areas.

The bottoms of your feet are actually a fantastic place to apply essential oils and my favorite place for my kids. The great thing about the bottoms of your feet are that you have your largest pores there, so the oil soaks in really really quickly, and the skin is the least sensitive on the bottoms of your feet. The other bonus when using oils like oregano is that if you don’t necessarily want to walk around smelling like a pizza, you can put them on the bottoms of your feet and put socks on. Problem Solved.

Generally speaking, you need to dilute essential oil in a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil. I do this especially with kids, anyone with sensitive skin, or when using any of the hot oils like cinnamon or oregano because those can be irritating to the skin. Remember, they are super concentrated and powerful. One drop goes a long way! And diluting the oil actually helps it soak into the skin.

One oil we use every day topically in my home is OnGuard. Find out why in my Top 5 Oils for Cold-Weather Months Cheat Sheet.


3. The third way to use essential oils is to take them internally to nourish the whole body. (Just a reminder, I am only talking about doTERRA here. Only pure, therapeutic oils should be ingested, as some oils on the market may be diluted or processed using harmful chemicals.) For doTERRA oils carrying a Dietary Supplement label, add a drop to water, put in a capsule and take like you would a pill, use in cooking, or just put a drop under your tongue. Please note that you don’t put oils in eyes or ears.

Find out how I use Lemon internally every single day in my Top 5 Essential Oils Cheat Sheet.

Now that you know the three ways to benefit from using essential oils, the next logical question is, which oils do you use which ways? And, what oils do you start with?

I break this down for you in my cheat sheet, 5 Must-have Essential Oils for Cold-weather Months.

I not only tell you what these 5 oils are used for, but I tell you exactly how I use them with my family in quick videos. And an added bonus: I include a recipe for warding off all those cold-weather bugs that you’ll absolutely want to have. Get your free copy of the guide here!


*I am only talking about doTERRA essential oils. I know and trust the product quality and can speak with confidence that you will have consistent results with these certified pure, therapeutic-grade oils.