14-Day Jumpstart

For the woman who is ready to drop a couple pounds, double her energy, and start feeling great again

Special 30-Day Program Begins March 20! 

I get it, you haven’t been able to get those last 10 pounds off. They seem to hang on for dear life. Maybe a crash diet took care of them for a while, but exhaustion, stress, and cravings get the best of you and they sneak right back on. (Not to mention willpower will only carry you so long!)

Weight aside, are you always tired? Snapping at the family you love so dearly? Feeling like cravings are out of control?

Focusing on yourself is hard when schedules are busy and other precious people take priority. And the multiple options for getting healthier are confusing to say the least.

There is a lot of weight loss advice for the busy woman out there. A lot of it involves calorie-restriction (often through processed foods) and punishing exercise. Sure, that will work for a while, but from personal experience (and working with a lot of women), that advice typically gets us nowhere. Why? We’re freaking starving. We’re powering through on willpower. The first couple days are awesome, and then we cave and binge.

So much of the standard advice I read in articles drives me c.r.a.z.y. If you do nothing to address sugar cravings and potential food intolerances and focus strictly on calorie restriction and calorie-burning, guess what? You’ll likely fail.

How many diets have you tried? Me? Too many to count.

Those days are behind me because I found another, better way. And that’s what this 30-day Jumpstart is all about.

It is possible to lose weight, increase energy, and kick cravings through real, whole, nourishing food, not deprivation.

In my 30-day program, you will learn which foods support your unique body. (Did I mention that the miracle diet that works so well for your best friend may not work for you? SO FRUSTRATING!) What’s special about that? Once you discover how different foods make you feel, you can make the best choices going forward. That equals long-term results, not short-term fixes.

“I had a great experience with your program and am so happy I did it. That was the first time that I have ever done a cleanse and the time and work you put into it is impressive. I saw great results (weight loss, more energy, better sleep) and am eating so much healthier now. I am more aware of ingredients too thanks to you!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and being an inspiration! You are really good at what you do!!” Allison B.

Beyond food, this 30-day program introduces you to powerful self-care practices that are easy, do-able, and effective for reducing stress, cleansing, and improving sleep. (I’m a big fan of natural health and spiritual growth, but I won’t ask you to wake up at 4am to meditate, I promise!)

Here’s what you will experience from going through the 30-day Jumpstart:

  • Weight loss (average of 2-5 pounds in the 14-day program)
  • Lose the sugar cravings
  • Double your energy (really)
  • Learn the foods your body loves (essential for long-term success)
  • Try new recipes (many favorites from past clients are included!)
  • Discover that feeling amazing is not about deprivation or punishing (life-changing)

“Thank you again for the great tools you provided during the fall cleanse!  I lost about 6 pounds and felt lighter and more energetic!  I also got much better sleep and didn’t feel hungry like I thought I would!  I appreciate the continued emails and nudges after the fact as well.” Heidi W.

As a coach, one thing I’m great at is consistent support and accountability. How do I know? It’s the most common feedback I get from clients.

Here’s the thing: you can buy a lot of books and DVD’s that will guide you through a program to change your weight, change your attitude, change your life. But they don’t come with a coach who is just a Facebook tag or email away. Questions? Ask me. Struggles? Reach out to me. Ready to throw in the towel? You guessed it!

Because we all start programs with the best of intentions. It’s the follow-through that gets us. The kids get sick, work gets crazy, stressful things happen. We vow to start again tomorrow, start on Monday, start after this glass of wine.

That won’t be you in this program.

As we know, we are much more likely to succeed when we have an accountability partner. Give us support and get all our questions answered (no such thing as a silly question!) and we are unstoppable.

I have done 2 seasonal  programs with Angie. The results were amazing; weight loss, better sleep and mood. The key to my success with these cleanses is Angie herself. I always got great detailed information, meal plans and recipes that she had prepared but I would have “freak out” moments when I would frantically post to the private Facebook page and Angie would be there responding to my “crisis”. One evening I sent a frantic text and Angie calmly responded to me.  Angie works with the individual to ensure their success. She never passes judgement, but wants to share her knowledge and successes.” Wendy M.

The unique bonus of my program is the support of like-minded women in a private Facebook Group. In past programs, the insight and support gained from the community has been priceless. Combine coaching with community, and success is yours!

What’s included in the $97 Jumpstart 30-Day Program:

  • Kick-off call to cover the plan in detail
  • Comprehensive program guide with valuable information for success
  • Over 60 seasonal recipes to take you through 14 days
  • Cheat sheets and a quick reference guide for travel, eating out and more
  • Daily emails with tips, strategies and motivation
  • Private Facebook community with unlimited access to me

The March 20 program (bonus 2 weeks of accountability!) is intended to be used with doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore supplements. Contact me to get your supplements ordered!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can look and feel better than ever.

When we don’t give ourselves a place on the priority list, we feel low energy, cranky, heavy, and just plain bleh.

It’s time to change that! I can’t wait to share my strategies for healthy habits with you so you experience the benefits that my clients and I have.

“I am continuing the clean eating and I can’t believe how much I enjoy it. You have opened my eyes to a different way of eating. I have discovered so many vegetables I love! Thank you!” Regina R.

Join the $97 30-day Jumpstart and get back to the confident, energetic woman you love to be!

Group Program Begins March 20.


**New in 2017: doTERRA Wellness Advocates on my team are invited to join this Jumpstart FREE OF CHARGE! Simply Contact Me to sign up and order your doTERRA Cleanse & Restore Supplements

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Will I have to eat special meals separately from my family?

No, your whole family can enjoy these recipes! Or you can make your own recipes that fit into the guidelines. While we will be excluding common allergenic foods like corn, soy, wheat and dairy, you can easily add an additional item to your kids’ plates that you won’t include in your meal.

Do I need to buy a lot of special supplements?

No, you do not have to take the doTERRA Cleanse & Restore Supplements to see amazing benefits, but I highly suggest you do. These supplements will undoubtedly supercharge. Contact me to get your supplements ordered so you are ready to go on March 20!

Will I need to cook?

Ideally you will cook your meals! I give you a lot of tips on how to make the process as quick and easy as possible. I do provide a cheat sheet for eating out, but you will need to cook. Don’t worry if you’re not a master in the kitchen, you won’t need to be, and I’m available for questions.

Can I do this program if I am nursing?

I would suggest you wait. While this program is about real food and not restriction, any changes to your diet should be okayed by your doctor. I am a Health Coach, not a doctor or dietician.

Do I have to use essential oils to be effective?

No, although I highly recommend Lemon and Peppermint at a minimum. These essential oils that will make the Jumpstart easier and more enjoyable, and I will be educating on my favorites throughout the program. Essential oils are not required for success!

Other questions? Simply Contact me and we will decide if this program is right for you!