What’s more fun than a Top 10 List? I guess a Top 100 List. But I kept this one simple!

Why is everyone using essential oils, and doTERRA essential oils in particular? Here we go:

  1. When we try essential oils, we discover they really work! Like really work. I could stop here, but I’ve got more 🙂
  2. We’re done with harmful chemicals.
  3. We’re learning what the products we grew up with are doing to our bodies and refuse to blindly use them anymore. We’ve got options!
  4. They’re so simple to use for the whole family.
  5. They’re inexpensive, pennies per use.
  6. We feel empowered, they’re right in our homes when we need them.
  7. There’s an oil for everything. From physical to emotional needs, there’s an oil to support you!
  8. They smell amazing. 
  9. Our best friends/sisters/co-workers won’t stop raving about them and we have a fear of missing out. (Then we try them and go back to #1)
  10. We learn about doTERRA’s co-impact sourcing and Helping Hands Foundation and realize that by buying these superior-quality, sustainably-produced oils, we are literally changing the lives of growers and their families around the world.

When you find something that works this well, you can’t help but tell the world. (Or make it your business like I did!)

Wondering if essential oils might be right for you? Grab my free beginner’s guide HERE.